Feel especially at home in your own skin and more in touch with the unique talents you have to offer the world with a treatment that sets your spirit & body at ease. Brook Gauthier, certified Shiatsu Practitioner & educator, comes from a family tradition of bodywork as an art form. Her grandmother was a therapist in Beverly Hills for fifty years. Brook has been practicing formally for nearly a decade. She received her training from the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts and an apprenticeship with acupuncturist and healer, Ellen Shefi.


Brook’s work combines a personal & compassionate therapeutic touch with an eye to the complexities of injury-management as well as whole bodymind health. She creates unique client-based treatments that relax, rehabilitate & rejuvenate.

Brook’s journey into the depths of eastern holism began with Taoist studies as part of her BA in Mythology from Willamette University (1999), where she also earned a degree in Studio Art. She has served as Education Chair for the Arizona Chapter of the AOBTA and has been very passionate about teaching an integrated approach to Shiatsu as both science and art form. Brook also offers 5-Element consulting and has been a guest lecturer at Canyon Ranch and DIHA (now Cortiva). She taught Shiatsu technique and Asian Medical Theory for a number of years both at DIHA and the Providence Institute.

Specialized training in prenatal massage, Chi Nei Tsang, Reconnective Healing, and Chinese Astrology enrich her thriving Shiatsu practice in Boston, MA.

Brook Gauthier provides quality therapeutic services to the North Shore communities of Gloucester, Rockport, Ipswich, Hamilton, Essex, Magnolia, Manchester, Beverly Farms, Beverly, Middelton, Salem & Marblehead.